Law School Costs


For decades, nominal tuition has significantly outpaced inflation. Students pay much more for elite schools, but price does not scale with outcomes for the rest.


Net Tuition

Net tuition, or the average price paid, has fallen in recent years on average, but the changes vary wildly up and down at different schools.



Average debt continues to increase, despite more schools offering larger tuition discounts. The percentage borrowing, however, is steadily declining.


Conditional Scholarships

Fewer law schools offer conditional scholarships than in the recent past, but the schools that do continue to perform poorer on bar and job metrics. See here »



Living Expenses

The change in the amount law schools estimate for living expenses does not track inflation, which is ... odd. See here »


Federal Investment

Law schools have far less financial support from the federal government in recent years because enrollment fell dramatically.



Law school graduates borrow more for law school than their incomes support, according to U.S. Department of Education data. This impacts quality of life, as well as creditworthiness